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The attainment of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim. The holy prophet(peace be upon him_ has said that “he died not who seek knowledge”. Education not only purifies heart and soul, but also plays an important role in the socio-economic development of a nation. Multan post graduate college Multan was established in October, 1998 for the achievement of these goals.
in the beginning, three departments namely, English, Economics and Mathematics were established. In 2004, Department of psychology and Islamic studies started functioning. by the grace of Almighty, Master classes were offered in the subject of Sociology in 2008.
The importance of computer can not be denied in today’s world Keeping in view of same, College has started various computer diplomas and short courses of great usefulness. A modern and well equipped laboratory has been established for the purpose. On all the achievements that Multan post graduate college has made successfully and on great demand of the people of this region we are ready to launch a new project, namely Multan college of Education, this year. the purpose of this project is to facilitate the students for B.Ed., M.Ed. , and master in social work. We have always been doing efforts to impart best quality education and will keep on doing the same for the betterment and prosperity of this region.


With Education We equally emphasis on extra-curricular activities. It helps students to enhance their intellectual, physical and social abilities through different societies & clubs

Programs Offered

Multan post Graduate College cater distinctive academic choice ranging from Master Level Degree M.A to MSC and MBA to Post graduate Levels. Computer Lab also Avialable


We are working on several small projects in rural areas for Hygienic conditions of enjoyment. Developing a clean environment for better health services is included in our upcoming projects.

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One of the significant features of Multan Post Graduate college is that We are accepting Online your applications. You can Either Email us your details or apply on link to fill details and send by email or post.

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Dr. Malik Mureed Hussain


we have always been doing efforts to impart best quality education

Sayira Rafiq


My prayers and cooperation will always be with you

For the facilitation of students and staff Dr. Malik Mureed Hussain (Director Multan Post Graduate College Multan) and all staff with students inaugurated the cafeteria in college. And this event, Dr. Malik Mureed Hussain said that the hygiene and food quality at cafeteria shall be further improved.