Multan Post Graduate College Multan

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About Us

Multan Post Graduate College is located in the area where many other educational institutions are running and this college has maintained its individuality and reputed. The college is accommodated in a spacious building having properly furnished and well equipped class rooms, girl common room, library, laboratory, playground etc. which provide real academic atmosphere.

Mission statement

Our teaching and learning e graduate and professional education offered through both resident instruction and extended delivery. Our scholarly and creative activities promote  academic achievement, human development and wellness, global awareness, and progress in professional practice. We kept our tradition to get top position in Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.

Proudly, the determined and highly qualified faculty integrates these objectives with the social ones to prepare students both qualitatively and quantitatively. That is, we want our students to excel not only in grades but also in character so that they may come up to the actual standards of modern education and business in this competitive world. For this purpose, the institute has always focused on the provision of quality curricula comprising rigorous academics, versatile co-curricular activities, research-oriented projects and presentations. They are further supplemented by communicative teaching methodologies, research seminars, educational trips and a thorough evaluation system. We believe our students need to be equipped with such talents that make them able to win any recognition anywhere in the world. Therefore, choosing this institute for academic and professional growth of today’s youth will be a timely and just decision.

  • Our Vision of this college to provide high class education of present and feature.  
  • We seek teaching, learning, and living that transforms, invigorates, and nurtures.  
  • We expand lasting knowledge centered in local and global communities.
  • Help to prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching,  scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership.
  • Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff, and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship.
  • Provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools, communities, and workplace settings.
  • Sustain a caring, supportive climate throughout the College.
  • Enhance the effective and efficient management of the College.
  • Academic excellence and integrity and outstanding teaching and service.
  • Scholarly research and professional leadership and integration of teaching, research, and service.
  • Individual and collective excellence and diversity, equity, and social justice.
  • Education of individuals across the life span and collegiality and collaboration.
  • A literate and educated citizenry is vital to a democratic society.
  • All people are entitled to a high-quality education, grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, professional integrity, and a positive and nurturing environment.
  • A dynamic education system fosters an equitable, productive economy in a global environment
  • Interdisciplinary programs should be used to enhance human learning, growth, and development across the life span.

Hostel Facilities

College provides hostel accommodation only for female students from out of Multan city. Also we will the hostel for boys students.

Timings Facilities

(Morning Classes) 8:00 AM to 01:00 PM
(Evening Classes) 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM 

Rules & Regulations

Students must be punctual and regular.

Student must take all the tests.

No Student is allowed to challenge the college curriculum as each course is designed according to the curriculum approved by Bahauddin Zakrya University, Multan.

No Student is allowed to challenge the college curriculum as each course is designed according to the curriculum approved by Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan.

Any student found damaging the college property would have to bear the cost of damaged property.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college premises.

Fee must be paid within the stipulated time according to the college fee Stricker.

Once you paid fee that will be not refundable.